Workout Structure is a showcase of proven training exercises, progressions, and philosophies that are highly effective at reshaping the body and improving its ability to perform as a finely-tuned machine.

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Tactical Operator Prep (TOP) Program
A multi-phase weight training routine designed and successfully proven to prepare the body for the demands of tactical operators. This includes: military special operations pipeline training (ex. U.S. Navy SEALS), wildland or engine FIRE academies, law enforcement, and other federal agents, etc.
LION Program
Mike Miller

“I've had the opportunity to work with Chris Borgard for 5 years. He has helped me reach my dreams of playing in the MLB. His knowledge and attention to detail has helped me overcome injuries and develop strength and speed. He also played a huge role in helping develop a nutrition plan that allows my body to recover. His individualized workout plans help his clients maximize their full potential. I can’t thank Chris enough for his dedication to helping me reach my goals.”

— Mike Miller
Infielder for the Boston Red Sox™

Improving overall health, fitness and mobility starts with a strong foundation.

A Well-Structured Workout

A Well-Structured Workout

Anything built to last has a solid foundation from the ground up. Our science-based workouts are structured so that there is a reason behind every exercise, including when and how it is performed during the workout routine in order to keep you healthy and strong.

Athletic / Occupational Performance

Athletic & Occupational Performance

Are you looking to move faster with more balance as a well-conditioned machine? Whether athlete or operator, let us help you make your movements look effortless while on the court or in the field.

Resources for Health & Rehab

Resources for Health & Rehab

We offer guidance and counseling for all aspects of health and wellness, including nutritional guidance to help reach your ideal weight or individualized programs to help rehabilitate an old injury. We can provide you with the principles on how and where to start!