Speed & Agility Group Training Sessions

$25/hour group rates!

Join our CourtSport or FieldFit athlete training groups to develop the footwork, speed, agility, and conditioning required to match the demands of your sport!

MSR Rehabilitation Program

$75/hour private rates!

Take advantage of professionally-designed protocols that incorporate private massage, personalized stretching programs and rehabilitation progressions to help eliminate aches and pains, and to help you return to competition feeling stronger than ever before.

Personalized Training Programs

For athletes, Special Operators, or serious fitness buffs

Only $75 per 50-minute session

Enjoy the benefit of a customized workout program written by someone who has worked with professional teams and individuals including NFL and MLB players, Olympians, U.S. military special forces, firefighters, and more.

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Our Commitment

Anything built to last has a solid foundation from the ground up. Our science-based workouts are structured so that there is a reason behind every exercise, including when and how it is performed during the workout routine in order to keep you healthy and strong.

We offer guidance and counseling for all aspects of health and wellness, including nutritional guidance to help reach your ideal weight or individualized programs to help rehabilitate an old injury. We can provide you with the principles on how and where to start!

Workout Structure Services: Music/Band

Body Composition Testing

Fitness for Music/Band

Performance Nutrition

Body Composition Testing & Goal Setting

Get your body composition accurately tested by researchers who have tested thousands clients of all ages and body types. Let us assist you determining an ideal body composition for your sport and help set you on a path to get there!

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Marching Band Member Wellness Program

A comprehensive physical fitness and wellness program professionally designed for use by college and high school marching bands.

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