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Tactical Operator Prep

The Tactical Operator Prep (TOP) program offers up to 6 months of periodized strength training designed for military special forces candidates, in order to increase both muscular strength & endurance around joints that are commonly injured during indoctrination training. Each month-long training phase will consist of 3-4 days of lifting per week.

The program is also suitable for firefighters and other law enforcement personnel in preparation for their training academies.

This video series includes a regimen for extra cardio conditioning.

TOP Welterweight

The welterweight program is recommended for candidates 179 pounds and below, or those who have less than 18 months of dedicated personal experience in a weight room setting.

TOP Cruiserweight

The cruiserweight program is recommended for candidates 180 pounds and greater, or those who have more than 18 months of dedicated personal experience in a weight room setting.

Up to 6 months of custom sport specific weight training (including rehab and flexibility) programs designed by a strength and conditioning professional who has successfully prepared military special operators, firefighters, and law enforcement agents to endure the physical rigors of their training pipelines.

25% off civilian and athlete program rates!

$120 per month-long phase ($29.99 per routine)

Featured Products

  • Practical Sports Nutrition Guide

    Newly updated, second edition now available!

    A great resource that provides athletes and active individuals with a good overall summary of the broad (and at times overwhelming) discipline of performance nutrition. This guide offers many feasible options so athletes can find a more sensible, well-balanced combination of foods that works for them.

    • Author has designed and coordinated sports nutrition programs for multiple sports teams and individual athletes (college and professional)
    • 55 pages with individual chapters on macro-nutrients, hydration, supplementation, pre-competition intake, food intolerance, etc.
    • Sample menus, restaurant selection recommendations, quick index AND MORE
    • Available NOW for purchase as immediate downloadable PDF compatible with computer, iPad, or phone for one-time fee of ONLY $14.99!
  • A/C Shoulder Band

    A/C Shoulder Bands are a simple and effective tool for providing optimal resistance to overhead sports athletes for purposes of injury prevention and strength maintenance around the shoulder joint.

    Put together by a professional strength and conditioning specialist, the A/C Shoulder Bands come packaged with a series of recommended exercises that help to prevent shoulder impingement and maintain joint range of motion while strengthening functional rotator cuff muscles and improving scapular stability.

    Found in the bags of numerous professional and college tennis, baseball, and volleyball players, A/C Shoulder Bands can be conveniently clipped onto a fence or bleacher unit for regular post-competition “prehab” work.

  • Marching Band Member Wellness (MBMW) Program

    A comprehensive marching band fitness and wellness program professionally designed for use by college and high school competitive or show bands. This research-based program provides structured static and dynamic stretch routines, as well as instrument group- specific strength routines, complete with audiovisual cues for their implementation.

    Marching Band Wellness Program

    The program also offers educational resources for nutrition, hydration, along with information on footwear and injury prevention and performing in heat & cold stress environments. Many of its concepts & findings were presented at the 2013 CBDNA symposium.

    Popular Programs

    • Strength Training for Runners

      Introducing phase 1 of a series of 3 workouts-per-week, featuring exercises to help serious runners improve their strength and stability. This initial phase is ideally performed during the month of January during a year-round training program.

      Save by purchasing all three routines at once. Additional packages of 2 workouts-per-week and 1 workout-per-week are also available.

    • Pro·hab Series

      Prohab: /pro-hab/ (noun).
      1. The act of being pro-active by incorporating a battery of rehabilitative and corrective exercises as quickly as possible to ensure that once rested, an injury is unlikely to reoccur in the same region of the body.

      2. A process that involves concentrated strengthening of synergistic muscles (and stretching of antagonistic muscles) around the affected joint, with special care to their eccentric function.

    • Sports-specific

      Athletes programs: $49.99 per day-routine video. Each routine contains detail-oriented, easy-to-follow video and audio demonstrated and overdubbed by a strength and conditioning professional, as well as comprehensive Microsoft Excel™ program with split breakdowns, sets, reps, and recommended starting weights.

      Routines coming soon include strength training for:

      Runners, Tennis, Offseason Baseball, Offseason Football/Rugby, Golf, Swimmers, Lacrosse, Rock climbers, Surfers, Pole vaulters, Figure & fitness models

    • Flexibility

      Flexibility programs are $49.99 per day-routine video. Each routine contains detail-oriented, easy-to-follow video and audio demonstrated and overdubbed by a strength and conditioning professional.

      Example routines in this category are the Advanced Foam Roller & Stretch Band Techniques and the 3-day Active-Stretch Program.


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